How To Create The Best Montessori Toddler Wardrobe

Toddler wardrobe: The goal of a Montessori child’s wardrobe is the same regardless of size or shape or age. A Montessori kids wardrobe’s purpose (as much as a wardrobe can have a purpose other than storage, right!!) is:

Independence — your toddler can get to their clothes with ease, without mama’s help.

Organisation – your toddler can clearly see their clothes and other personal items and knows where everything belongs (whether they put them there or not is another story all together).

Problem-solving skills: are developed, since children will run across issues when choosing their own clothes and getting dressed. A little bit of problem-solving goes a long way towards building resilient kids.

When a kid can successfully and independently do self-care tasks, they develop confidence and a sense of worth in themselves. Simple actions like picking out their own clothing or putting them away can make a child feel accomplished.

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What Is The Montessori Method?

Dr. Maria Montessori created the Montessori Method in the early 1900s. It’s a type of child-centered education that includes child-led activities (referred to as “work”), mixed-age classrooms, as well as parents and teachers who foster independence in the children – not just in classroom environment but at home and in their own room as well. The 5 key principles of the Montessori Method are as follows:

  1. Respect for the child
  2. The Absorbent Mind: Children are constantly learning from the world around them
  3. Sensitive Periods: There are certain periods in a child’s life when they are more open to learning
  4. The Prepared Environment: The Montessori method suggests that children learn best in an environment that has been prepared to enable them to do things for themselves
  5. Auto-Education: or self-education, is the concept that children are capable of educating themselves

What Is A Montessori Wardrobe?

At its most basic level, a Montessori wardrobe is a spot where young children and toddlers can readily access and select the clothes they want to wear each day (if you want to get specific!). For a child’s education and growth, letting them choose their attire for the day is quite beneficial. Even while it could seem like just a fun morning ritual for your child, the advantages can persuade any parent to adopt this habit as a part of their toddler’s daily routine.

Why Use A Montessori Toddler Wardrobe?

toddler wardrobe

It Shows Respect

Respecting the kid is a fundamental aspect of Montessori teaching. Allowing your toddler to make their own decisions without parental or other adult interference is a crucial component of living a Montessori life. The concept of the Montessori wardrobe enables the development of respect and trust. Because the child is trusted with the responsibility of making their own daily wardrobe decisions, a mutual respect and trust between parent and child is developed.

It Promotes Independence

Giving the kid independence and responsibility is another crucial aspect of a Montessori education. As a toddler develops independence, picking their own clothes each day helps them become more self-reliant. As they are now responsible for organising their own clothes and wearing appropriately, they also start to learn what it means to have obligations (ha! wait until bills turn up in their name).

It Helps Develop Self-Expression

A child who is proud of themselves will have more confidence than a child who is not. A child who has a Montessori wardrobe feels proud of themselves, which motivates them to keep making decisions on their own. A child can express themselves fully when they get to choose what they wear, which also boosts their self-confidence for use in other activities.

It Teaches Life Skills

When a child gets to dress themselves, self-care becomes fun and motivates them to enjoy additional self-care activities like brushing their teeth, having a bath, and combing their hair (seriously!). As they make it a habit to dress however they choose every day, these life lessons will linger with them.

How To Set Up A Montessori Capsule Wardrobe

toddler wardrobe

The best way to get your toddler’s wardrobe set up the way you want, is to do it yourselves! It is super simple – so if you’ve got the time to go and grab a few things from the store – this is the way to go.

Set Up A Child-Sized Clothing Rack

The first step is to find and set up an appropriately sized clothing rack. Children look up to their parents, so allowing them to hang their clothes up the same way they do can be extremely exciting for them. (However, a hanging place is not necessary for a Montessori wardrobe). Child-sized clothing racks can be found at all of the major retailers – and shouldn’t be too expensive.

Get Some Kid-Friendly Coat Hangers

Make sure they are also Montessori friendly – as the montessori way doesn’t encourage the use of plastic – try sourcing wooden coat hangers. Or get creative and make some coat hangers yourself, with your toddler! The important thing is that they aren’t too large to use for toddler-sized clothing.

Utilise Baskets For Storage

Grab a couple of those soft, cheap straw baskets and use them for pants and shorts – underwear, socks, singlets – things that don’t matter if they get creased or no – even short sleeve tops if they are just going to be used for mucking around the house or at kindy.

Get To The Thrift Store

You could take it one step further and let your toddler pick out some of their own outfits to store in their new wardrobe. Get to your local thrift store or hit the clearance racks!

Montessori Wardrobe Inspiration:

This set up from The Montessori Method utilises the Alba wardrobe from Sprout Kids. Their toddler not only has their very own wardrobe, but a high quality, beautiful one at that!

toddler wardrobe

This Montessori Wardrobe from The Kavanaugh Report utilises the much-used IKEA Besta Hack to create a functional toddler wardrobe for their young toddler.

toddler wardrobe

This beautiful Montessori Wardrobe from Etsy seller Hingi is absolutely stunning, made with all natural baltic birchwood. While it is on the pricier side of things, the good news is that buyers are RAVING about it.

This toddler’s wardrobe is a great use of a small space in an apartment or tiny house. It fits in really well with their color scheme as well – I just love it! It is another IKEA hack, using their storage cubes. Check out Mariah Sihotang for more of her stylish inspiration.

The Best Toddler Wardrobes

For when you don’t have the time – or just can’t be bothered – to set up your toddler’s wardrobe yourself, these are some great store-bought options.

Woodjoy Collection Child Montessori clothing rack

The combination of this Montessori wardrobe with their MAXI shelf is a perfect fit and is giving your child the possibility to make their own decisions in matter of what they wear and also to keep their clothes and belongings tidy.

WoodandRoom Montessori clothing rack

This wooden Montessori Set helps you to organize children’s space conveniently and compactly. It designed so that the child can fully use the furniture

EcoArtFactory Kids Clothing Rack

This Montessori clothes rack allows Your kid to develop love for order and manage their own stuff.

EWARTWOODS Children wardrobe wood clothing rack

This clothing rack provides easy access and good visibility of clothes that are hanging on it, so your child can easily access them and decide what they want to wear. Plus, it has shelves!

Toddler Wardrobe: FAQs

What age is a montessori wardrobe for?

Families can introduce a montessori wardrobe around 9 months and it should last until about 5 years old.

Is it better to hang or fold kids clothes?

Why do mothers frequently opt to fold infant clothes? Without needing to hang every item, washing may be completed more quickly. Keeping things totally divided into their own “types” is simpler.

How many outfits should a 2 year old have?

Ideal kid capsule wardrobe should have 12–14 articles of regular clothing. Accordingly, they require about 6 tops, 5 bottoms, and a dress for girls per season.

Should a 2 year old be able to dress themselves?

Around age 3, children can dress and undress themselves. Depending on their level of interest and practise, this may be the case. Younger children in a household frequently acquire the ability to dress themselves before older siblings did.

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