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Pikler Climbing Frame (Australia 2023): Best Indoor & Outdoor Frames

Pikler climbing frame Australia: If you have a toddler, and you are in lockdown, quarantine or it’s just been raining for too many days in a row – you are sure to be on the hunt for some time killing indoor activities – here is where a Pikler climbing frame comes into their own! Pikler […]

When Do Toddlers Learn To Jump?(Free Milestones Checklist!)

When do toddlers learn to jump? Is your toddler struggling to jump and you’re worried? Like most parents (myself included), are you comparing your little ones to other toddlers and thinking that they may not be a typically developing child? I’d say don’t stress, but it’s not my place – instead, the team at My […]

Montessori Curriculum For 2 Year Old (2023): Free Printable!

Table of Contents What is the Montessori Method: A Brief Overview The Montessori Method, created by Maria Montessori, MD, in 1897, is a child-centered approach to education and development that emphasizes hands-on, multi-sensory activities that children can do at their own speed. The Montessori method encourages parents, carers and teachers to create a space full […]

Gonge Hilltops Review: 2023 Real Parent Review

Price:             $$        Recommended Age:     2+            Material:            PPE, TPE        Item Weight:        10.25lb / 4.65kgs    What we like:         Super sturdy & durable, can be used indoors & outdoors, encourage both structured & imaginative play What we don’t:         Pricey, colors fade if kept […]

Montessori Floor Bed: What, Why And How To Choose The Best

Parents are growing more interested in setting up Montessori-aligned home environments for their children as a result of a recent boom in interest in the Montessori Method, combined with increased time spent at home (hello COVID!). Montessori beds are one topic that has had a lot of people talking. In this overview, we’ll explain what […]

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