Pikler Climbing Frame (Australia 2023): Best Indoor & Outdoor Frames

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Pikler climbing frame Australia: If you have a toddler, and you are in lockdown, quarantine or it’s just been raining for too many days in a row – you are sure to be on the hunt for some time killing indoor activities – here is where a Pikler climbing frame comes into their own!

Pikler climbing frames come in all different shapes and sizes, ranging from the traditional triangle, to a rocker boat, to a 4 piece set with lots of features inc a rock climbing wall. Here you will find the best Pikler climbing frames available in Australia plus our tips on what to look for when purchasing one.

When shopping for the best pikler triangles, you’ll want to consider its features and size, as well as ease of use and durability. It’s important to find a product that’s well-made and can stand up to some roughhousing, and you’ll also want to look for one that can fold flat if you live in a smaller space. 

When you’re totally overwhelmed at the choice out there, these things are easier said than done. That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you! What follows is not only the Pikler climbing frames, but our reasons why you should buy one !

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Pikler Climbing Frame Australia: Our Team’s Top Picks

The Best Pikler Triangle Climbing Frame Overall (Australia)

Jenjo Kids Hardwood Pikler

The Jenjo Kids Hardwood Pikler is your classic Pikler triangle. It’s the original design, made with sold, sturdy hardwood and is designed to ANZ safety standards for your peace of mind.

Material:High-quality hardwood
Measurements:Height: 73cm, Length: 82cm, Width: 82cm
Recommended Age:3+ years (however, we used it from 20 months, oops)
Weight Limit:50kg
What We Love:– For a Pikler triangle, especially one of such sturdy quality, this is actually really budget friendly
– It is (actually) easy to set up. Even on Christmas Eve after a few wines, promise!
– Your toddler which LOVE playing on this thing, without even realising how good it is for their gross motor development. Woo!
What We Don’t Love:– It requires assembly. Santa, why can’t you just leave this on the doorstep ready to go?
– It is not waterproofed, so you need to be careful with the weather if you want to keep it outside.

The Best Pikler Set (Australia)

Funyards 4 in 1 Climbing Triangle

The Funyards 4 in 1 Climbing Triangle is not only GORGEOUS, but is handmade by a boutique small business. This one is for the style-conscious mamas! Great for rainy days stuck inside or sickness-induced at home lockdowns (we all know the ones!).

Material:Sustainably sourced FSC certified Finnish birch plywood (wow)
Measurements:Climbing Triangle:
Height: 68 cm (27”)
Length: 87 cm (34″)
Width: 78 cm (31″)
Weight: 7,2 kg (15,9 lbs)

With Swedish wall modification:
Length: 144 cm (57”)
Width: 78 cm (31″)
Depth: 12 cm (5’’)
Weight: 7,2 kg (15,9 lbs
Recommended Age:6 months > 7 years
Weight Limit:50kg
What We Love:– You can feel how well-made this thing is. That’s the beauty of handmade
– The variety – the 4 in 1 set can be re-arranged multiple ways- we promise it will keep that toddler occupied! (at least long enough for you to enjoy a shower alone, ha!)
What We Don’t Love:– While they are an Australian company, but while the triangles ARE handmade, they are made in China, not Australia

The Best Indoor Climbing Frame (Australia)

Kidomotto Indoor Climbing Frame

Can you imagine being a kid and having this Kidomotto Indoor Climbing Frame in your lounge room! This is the big boy, the one for the special birthday or christmas gift for your little explorers. It looks great and it comes with all sorts of features such as rope climbing, rock climbing and a swing!

Material:Pine wood and cotton mesh rope
Measurements:Varies pending how you have it set for your kid, but in general:

Height 120cm
Width 116cm
Depth 106cm
Recommended Age:18 months > 5 years
Weight Limit:150kg
What We Love:– This is epic for those of you with 2 kids of similiar age – they can both play on this thing at the same time instead of fighting over one
– This comes from a small boutique Australian business
– There are multiple ways to arrange this frame and it’s accessories, so if the kids get bored, just rearrange it and BAM, new toy!
What We Don’t Love:– This climbing frame is not cheap, however, you get what you pay for

The Best Outdoor Climbing Frame (Australia)

This outdoor pikler triangle from Tinnitots is great for outdoor play as it is varnished for added water protection. It also has grip pads for safety, which is great when playing outside. But remember – it will last longer if you store it inside once the kids are finished for the day.

Material:Premium birch wood
Measurements:91cm L x 70cm W x 78cm H
Recommended Age:6 months of age > 5 years
Weight Limit:50kg
What We Love:– We LOVE that this is made from non-toxic kid-friendly materials. That’s the good thing about these montessori-style toys – they’re usually much more sustainable than your average!
– Quick delivery
– Designed by a small Australian business
What We Don’t Love:– The bells and whistles cost extra – if you want to add a rock climbing ramp or climbing wall etc

What is a Pikler Climbing Frame?

montessori toddler toys

The Pikler Triangle Climbing Frame is a classic wooden climbing structure. They are strong, stable, lightweight wooden play frames (they also look great, unlike those bright plastic blocks you have strewn across the floor!)

While many link Pikler Triangles to Montessori play equipment, it was actually created by Hungarian paediatrician Dr Emmi Pikler more than a century ago to help babies and toddlers crawl and climb their way through developmental milestones. Some styles are suitable for outdoor use, others are best used inside the house.

A Pikler climbing frame gives your toddler the opportunity to play, create and discover the world around them, at a pace that is unique and makes sense to them as an individual (and gives you time for a coffee in peace!).

Climbing frames offer sensory and motor develop opportunities not found with traditional ‘toys’ and they allow your child to reach new heights and milestones in their own time and in a safe place.

5 Reasons to Buy a Pikler Climbing Frame:

  1. Your toddler is mostly past learning to pull up, crawl, and climb, but the Pikler Triangle is still great for encouraging physical abilities like your child’s gross motor skills and balance. It also supports concentration, independence and even grip strength (needed in school for activities like holding pencils).
  2. Conquering the Pikler Triangle will give your toddler confidence that you can’t hope to teach them on your own. They will glow with pride and confidence at the end of the balance beam or the top of the big triangle, because they did something hard on their own! it’s pretty cute
  3. Our kids are age 2 through 4, and I still find this is an invaluable tool that we get use out of for the older guy – Freddie. My kids have grown up with the Pikler. Friends kids have lost interest in the triangle around age 6, but they continued to play with their climbing arch and use the ramps in other ways – so if you buy a good quality Pikler, there is years of imaginative play in it (years of solo coffees and wines!!)
  4.  We LOVE active imaginative toys that don’t have batteries, sounds, or screens!  As your children age, the Pikler (and some of the cool accessories) foster their developing imagination in ways a battery-operated toy doesn’t. Take the Pikler outdoors if the weather is approved – outdoor play for the win!
  5.  Ours folds up and slides under or behind furniture. When shopping for yours, make sure you not only find a high quality Pikler that is safe, but one that can fold up. Or, if yours looks pretty and you are lazy like me – just leave it out – ain’t no harm in that!
pikler triangle

What to Look for When Buying a Pikler Climbing Frame

Age appropriateness: The advice is to be guided by your child’s own developmental stage. However, most triangles come with a recommended age range. Don’t think that because you don’t have a tiny baby, that these won’t be worth your time – like I mentioned above, friends 6 year old are still using their Pikler.

Fold: A unit that folds is easy to pack away and store, which is handy if you don’t have much space.

Add ons: There are optional extras that can be added to a triangle including ramps, rock wall, slides and smaller frames. These are awesome and pretty important for maintaining interest in older toddlers.

Size: Again, this depends on your child’s age, and also how much room you have available.

Weight limit: Most Pikler Triangle climbing frames have a hefty weight limit that will take the weight of a couple of babies or toddlers. And if you get one on the bigger side, or with lots of add-ons – there won’t be any fights between siblings for whose turn it is (fingers crossed).

Safety: It’s worth noting that there are currently no mandatory safety standards for Pikler Triangles in Australia, so use your better judgement, read reviews and trust the experts. Or, you could save yourself the time and check out our reviews of the best pikler climbing frame in Australia below…

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My Toddler Life is run by mum’s, for mum’s. All information provided on our site is thoroughly researched and takes in to consideration our lived experiences and the opinions of industry professionals. How are we different from other sites doing the same thing? We have fun while doing it (often with a glass of wine in hand) and don’t take ourselves too seriously!

To wrap it all up: Pikler Climbing Frame Australia

toddler sibling fun

Thank you for making it this far with me. I hope that at least one of these tips & images resonates with you & your family when it comes to your hunt for the best Pikler climbing frame to purchase – I am here to help.

We’ve had a look at what you should look for in a Pikler when purchasing – and I’ve then provided a breakdown of my top 5 best Pikler climbing frames based off personal experience, friends experience and the advice of experts. I hope it’s all been helpful – please comment below with any tips I may have forgotten! For more indoor toddler fun, check out out post on the best toddler doll houses.


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