Love to Dream vs ergoPouch: Which is the Best Sleep Suit for Toddlers? 

Love to Dream vs ergoPouch – Which is the best sleeping bag suit? :Togs, sleeping bags, sleeping bags with legs – it’s all a bit overwhelming isn’t it? Dressing a toddler for bed at night can be really confusing – sleep sack, sleep suit with legs, pyjamas – which to choose! How can you keep your toddler comfortable and safe at night (and sleeping through the night!)?

We got really frustrated and found the best, and easiest to use solution was either the ergoPouch or Love to Dream Toddler Sleeping Bags – both are a great option to solve those baby sleep and toddler sleep dilemmas . It solved all of those dilemmas for us and was just one less thing to worry when it’s time for your toddler to transition from sleep sacks to sleep suits.

Without further ado, here are our answers to the question – Love to Dream or ergoPouch?

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Are Love To Dream or ErgoPouch Sleep Suits Worth It? 

Both the ergoPouch & Love To Dream Sleep Suits with legs start as traditional sleep suit bags, which then converts into legs – they’re designed to help you give your growing,moving toddler the best chance of a good night’s sleep (even in the early days!).

It is as simple as checking the room temperature at sleep time (we like the Tommee Tippee Groegg room thermometer for this) – chosing the appropriate TOG rating, and dressing your little love. A room thermometer will let you know if the room is too warm, too cold, or within the correct temperature range at a quick glance. Let’s dig a bit deeper into the main features of both now: 

The Fabrics

ergoPouch sleeping bags and sleep suits are Australian designed, and are all made from pure organic jersey cotton, to ensure your child’s comfort when sleeping. The soft, fleecy material is certified by the Eczema Association of Australia to be itch-free and allergy safe. 

Love to Dream sleeping bags and sleep suits are also Australian designed, and are made from elastane and organic bamboo fibres. Bamboo textiles are naturally hypoallergenic, making Love to Dream also a skin-friendly option.

They are both made of natural fibers + easy-care fabric and easily cared for with a simple chuck in the washing machine when needed.

Love to Dream vs ergoPouch

What do the TOG Ratings Mean?

The Thermal Overall Grade (TOG) is a measurement of how well a blanket or tog sleeping bag insulates. Simply explained, the level of warmth provided by a baby or toddler sleep bag is determined by the different togs.

The TOG ratings of the ergoPouch and Love to Dream sleep suits help keep your child at an even temperature overnight, avoiding night wake ups due to being too hot or too cold. What helps to really get the most out of the TOG ratings is to have a room thermometer so that you’ve got them in the right sleep sack for the right temperature.

We recommend the Tommee Tippee Groegg – it also doubles as a night light, which we love.

Baby & Toddler Safety Standards

When creating an ergoPouch or Love to Dream product, safety is the top priority of both brands, making them an excellent safe-sleep option from newborn (tog sleeping bags instead of traditional swaddles) to pre-school age.

All ergoPouch and Love to Dream sleepwear is subjected to product safety testing, as required by Australian legislation (both brands are Aussie designed!), and is intended for safe sleeping in accordance with Australian SIDS recommendations.

ergoPouch Sleep Suit vs Love to Dream Sleep Suit: Pros of Both

ergoPouch Sleep Suit Pros

  • The Sleep Suit Bag may be used in a 5 point harness such as a pram, carrier, or car seats in ‘legs’ mode, making it ideal for travel.
  • The bottom of the Sleep Suit Bag has grip pads to help your toddler walk around securely if they need to go to the restroom overnight (or sleepwalk!).
  • When you buy an ergoPouch sleep product, you’ll get a complimentary room thermometer so you can keep track of the temperature in your little ones room.
  • ergoPouch sleep suits go up to a higher TOG rating that Love to Dream, so would be better for colder climates
  • The ergoPouch sleep suit is designed as a transition bag so you can use it from birth to toddler age.

Love to Dream Sleep Suit Pros

  • They have different warmth levels available – from 0.2TOG – 3.5TOG, so you know you are providing just the right amount of warmth for weather.
  • Quality construction – GOTS certified organic cotton and bamboo
  • Designed for hip health – the idea is to keep your little one as close to a natural position as possible.
  • They keep the suit on as opposed to being able to kick a blanket off
  • Australian business

ergoPouch Sleep Suit vs Love to Dream Sleep Suit: Cons of Both

ergoPouch Sleep Suit Cons

  • Their sizing seems to run quite large, so be sure to measure your child and get the correct size for them (keeping in mind how fast they grow – the large sizes actually may be a good thing!)
  • ergoPouch products are not cheap – but, you get what you pay for – and everything they product is made to such a great level of quality – don’t forget it’s all organic cotton

Love to Dream Sleep Suit Cons

  • The bamboo fabric is not as restrictive as the cotton used in ergoPouch, so it’s easier for your little one to break out of these sleep suits, as opposed to other designs
  • Love to Dream products are also not cheap – but, you get what you pay for – and everything they product is made to such a great level of quality – don’t forget it’s all skin friendly bamboo elastane. 

ergoPouch vs Love to Dream Comparison Table




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ergoPouch Sleep Suit

- Skin-friendly and eco-friendly – no pesticides or chemicals.
- TOG rated for warmth
- Safe Sleep (especially when your little man or little girl are using the ergoPouch swaddle as opposed to a traditional swaddle)
- Room thermometer included
- Grip pads for little walkers


Love to Dream Sleep Suit

- Very versatile; can be used for sleep, play or on-the-go
 - Lighter upper chest fabric for better temperature regulation
- Built-in legs & feet allow your child to safely move around their sleep space
- Grip pads on feet help reduce slipping
Leg length specially sized to help reduce trip hazard
- Easy care: machine washable & tumble dryer friendly


ergoPouch vs Love to Dream: What is the difference? 

Which is the cheapest? They are really, really similiar in price, so I would not base my decision on this. They are both quality products, which the price reflects.

Which is the easiest to use? Once you get to toddler age, and using a sleep suit with legs instead of wrestling a baby in to a sleep sack, it is all much of a muchness. They are both an easy option.

Which lasts the longest? We find that ergoPouch fabrics are more durable and resistant to toddler efforts to wreck and ruin everything they touch (ha!)

Which is better for toddlers? See above re: durability for your answer!

Which has a better returns policy? Neither, both have an essentially identical returns policy. See Love to Dreams HERE and ergoPouchs HERE.

ergoPouch vs Love to Dream: FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Love To Dream and Ergopouch sleepwear: 

Q: What is Love To Dream?A: Love To Dream is a brand that specializes in creating innovative sleepwear for babies and toddlers. They are best known for their swaddle and sleep sack designs that promote safe and comfortable sleep.

Q: What is Ergopouch?A: Ergopouch is another brand that focuses on creating sleepwear for babies and children, including their epic ergopouch cocoon swaddle bag. They offer a range of products, including swaddles, sleeping bags, sleep suits, and more, all designed to provide optimal comfort and safety for little ones during sleep.

Q: What are the main differences between Love To Dream and Ergopouch?A: While both Love To Dream and Ergopouch offer sleepwear solutions for babies, there are a few notable differences. Love To Dream is renowned for its patented “arms-up” design, which allows babies to sleep in a more natural position with their arms up. Ergopouch, on the other hand, offers a broader range of sleepwear options, including swaddles, sleeping bags, and sleep suits with varying tog ratings for different seasons.

Q: Are Love To Dream and Ergopouch products safe for babies?A: Yes, both Love To Dream and Ergopouch prioritize safety in their product designs. They typically use high-quality materials that meet safety standards and include features such as secure fastenings, breathable fabrics, and proper sizing guidelines. It’s always important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and ensure that the sleepwear is appropriate for your baby’s age, size, and developmental stage.

Q: Can Love To Dream and Ergopouch products help with sleep training?A: Love To Dream and Ergopouch sleepwear can assist in creating a conducive sleep environment for your baby, but they are not specifically designed for sleep training. Sleep training typically involves implementing a structured sleep routine and teaching babies to self-soothe and fall asleep independently. However, using comfortable sleepwear can contribute to a more relaxed and soothing sleep experience.

Q: How do I choose the right size for Love To Dream and Ergopouch sleepwear?A: Both brands usually provide size charts on their websites or packaging to help you choose the correct size for your baby. It’s essential to consider your baby’s weight, height, and age when selecting sleepwear. Additionally, some products may have specific guidelines for transitioning between sizes as your baby grows, so it’s helpful to refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Q: Can Love To Dream and Ergopouch sleepwear be used for all seasons?A: Ergopouch offers sleepwear with different tog ratings, which indicate the level of warmth provided. This allows you to choose sleepwear suitable for different seasons and room temperatures. Love To Dream also offers various options with varying fabric thicknesses, making them suitable for different climates. Always check the product specifications or consult the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure the sleepwear is appropriate for the current season and temperature.

Remember to refer to the official websites of Love To Dream and Ergopouch for the most up-to-date and detailed information about their products, including care instructions and safety guidelines.

Love to Dream vs ergoPouch: The Verdict.

While both Love to Dream and ergoPouch products are top quality, good options, we do have a bit more love for the ergo pouch. Maybe we are just biased because as new mums we first used ergoPouch and their ergo cocoon and found great success in managing bubs startle reflex (it really did stop the reflex in baby’s arms from waking them up each time they startled).

The main difference now, when considering the sleep suits with legs for your toddler, is the strength of material – the stretchy cotton that ergoPouch uses is just that big stronger than the bamboo elastane of Love to Dream – super important for toddler life.

At the end of the day, they both promote the use of a natural sleeping position and they are both really great Australian companies perfect for both cold nights and warm temperatures.

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