Gonge Hilltops Review: 2023 Real Parent Review

Price:             $$       

Recommended Age:     2+           

Material:            PPE, TPE       

Item Weight:        10.25lb / 4.65kgs   

What we like:         Super sturdy & durable, can be used indoors & outdoors, encourage both structured & imaginative play

What we don’t:         Pricey, colors fade if kept in direct sunlight

Rating:            4.7/5       

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Why Buy Gonge?

gonge hilltops review

GONGE was established on a wide range of profound neurological, sensory-motor, and educational concepts, so as well as being awesome for hours of entertainment, they are great for your child’s development. The Hilltops aid in the development of children’s motor skills as they focus on playing, whether they are following directions or inventing their own games.

Because GONGE items last so long and are usually passed down from child to child or family to family, you frequently see them looking well-used. They are constructed with a quality that can withstand years of rough and tumble childhood use.

Gonge Hilltops Review: Overview

Childhood Development

The Gonge Hilltops are an excellent product to improve your child’s ability to jump, walk, run, balance and more. They are a fantastic developmental tool for improving toddler gross motor skills

Outdoor Play & Indoor Creative Play

Like the Gonge riverstones, the Gonge Hilltops can be used for both indoor & outdoor play. These are especially useful if you live in a place where it is frequently chilly and rainy (hello to our English readers!). Every single day, my two boys have to run off all of their energy, which is difficult when the poor weather keeps you indoors for weeks.

The Gonge Hilltops, which are perfect sizes for Freddie and his friends to play with (not too small nor too huge), fit in every room of our apartment. These can be used on carpet, wooden floor or tiled floor, and are completely safe for children because they won’t budge (trust me, I tried and even I didn’t make them shift when using them properly).

Weight Capacity

Because the weight capacity of these stepping stones is so high (220.5lb / 100kg), you don’t need to worry about your child getting too old or large to play! Children will gain physical stamina, motor skills, balance, height familiarity, agility, and coordination, as well as sensory skills like posture awareness, touch sensitivity, and balance. All that from a toy!! Christmas here we come.

What The Gonge Hilltops Box Includes:

gonge hilltops review

Each set includes 5 Hilltops in three different heights: 

  • two measuring 14.96″ x 14.56″ x 3.35″
  • two measuring 16.14″ x 16.14″ x 6.69″
  • one measuring 16.92″ x 16.92″ x 10.23″.

Additional Features

  • Non-slip rubber rim
  • Vibrant colors

What We Like

  • Awesome minimalist toy that gets a ton of use by kids of all ages
  • Easy for toddlers to get out and pack away again
  • Durable and well-made
  • Versatile, portable good balance-task for kids of all ages
  • Toddlers can play the ‘lava game’ with sturdy hilltops that won’t slip or cause injuries
  • Recommended by healthcare professionals including occupational and pediatric therapists

What We Don’t Like

  • These are not a budget friendly toy – but, you get what you pay for, and these certainly get used in our house 
  • Not that much larger than the Riverstones set – you probably don’t need both sets, just one or the other

Gonge Hilltops Alternatives

Gonge Riverstones

These are the more budget-friendly version of the Gonge Hilltops – the Riverstones are a bit smaller so cost a bit less. Just as great a product as the Hilltops, just may not suit as wide an age bracket. 

Natikon Stepping Stones

Natikon stepping stones

A great alternative if the Gonge products are out of stock, the Natikon Stepping Stones are another quality product with the same aim of helping develop young children’s motor control. 

Gonge Hilltops Review: FAQs

  1. What ages are the Gonge Hilltops appropriate for? Kids of all ages can get joy out of the Gonge Hilltops. Babies can build muscle strength by crawling over and using to push up, and even older children can get creative and use them for obstacle courses and other games
  2. Where are the Gonge Hilltops made? Gonge are a German brand who have different manufacturing facilities around Europe and Asia.
  3. Will this help children’s ability to balance? Yes, the Gonge Hilltops are an incredible toy for younger children as small as 6 months to learn to balance from.
  4. Do I need to buy the Gonge Hilltops if I already own the river stones? I would say no – the only difference will be in color and the fact that the hilltops are slightly taller.

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