ergoPouch Toddler Sleep Suit Review: The Best Toddler Sleep Sack With Legs!

ergoPouch Toddler Sleep Suit Review: Togs, sleeping bags, sleeping bags with legs – it’s all a bit overwhelming isn’t it? Dressing a toddler for bed at night can be really confusing – sleep sack, sleep suit with legs, pyjamas – which to choose! How can you keep your toddler comfortable and safe at night (and sleeping through the night!)?

We got really frustrated and found the best, and easiest to use solution was the ergoPouch Toddler Sleeping Bags . It solved all of those dilemmas for us and was just one less thing to worry about in a world of toddler transitions. Without further ado, here is our review of the ergoPouch Sleep Sack with Legs:

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ergoPouch Sleep Sack With Legs: Overview

The ergoPouch Sleep Suit with legs starts as a traditional sleep sack, which then converts into legs – it’s designed to help you give your growing,moving toddler the best chance of a good night’s sleep. It is as simple as checking the room temperature (with the free room thermometer ergoPouch gives you upon purchase) – chosing the appropriate TOG rating, and dressing your little love.

The free room thermometer will let you know if the room is too warm, too cold, or within the correct temperature range at a quick glance (and if you want to upgrade to a fancier room thermometer, check out this one). Let’s dig a bit deeper into the main features now: 

ergoPouch Fabrics

ergoPouch sleeping bags and sleep suits are Australian designed, and are all made from pure organic jersey cotton, to ensure your child’s comfort when sleeping. The soft, fleecy material is certified by the Eczema Association of Australia to be itch-free and allergy safe. The easy-care woven cotton fabric is easily cared for with a simple chuck in the washing machine when needed.

What do the TOG Ratings Mean?

The Thermal Overall Grade (TOG) is a measurement of how well a blanket or sleeping bag insulates. Simply explained, the level of warmth provided by a baby or toddler sleep bag is determined by its TOG rating.

The TOG ratings of the ergoPouch sleep suit helps keep your child at an even temperature overnight, avoiding night wake ups due to being too hot or too cold. What helps to really get the most out of the TOG ratings is to have a room thermometer so that you’ve got them in the right sleep sack for the right temperature. We recommend the Tommee Tippee Groegg – it also doubles as a night light, which we love.

ergoPouch Baby & Toddler Safety Standards

When creating an ergoPouch product, safety is the brands top priority, making them an excellent safe-sleep option from newborn to pre-school age. All ergoPouch sleepwear is subjected to product safety testing, as required by Australian legislation (ergoPouch are Aussie designed!), and is intended for safe sleeping in accordance with Australian SIDS recommendations.

ergoPouch Toddler Sleep Suit: Pros

  • The Sleep Suit Bag may be used in a 5 point harness such as a pram, carrier, or car seat in ‘legs’ mode, making it ideal for travel.
  • The bottom of the Sleep Suit Bag has grip pads to help your toddler walk around securely if they need to go to the restroom overnight (or sleepwalk!).
  • When you buy an ergoPouch sleep product, you’ll get a complimentary room thermometer so you can keep track of the temperature in your little ones room.

ergoPouchToddler Sleep Suit: Cons

  • Their sizing seems to run quite large, so be sure to measure your child and get the correct size for them (keeping in mind how fast they grow – the large sizes actually may be a good thing!)
  • ergoPouch products are not cheap – but, you get what you pay for – and everything they product is made to such a great level of quality – don’t forget it’s all organic cotton

Our Overall Opinion of ergoPouch Toddler Sleep Suits

For our family, and many others I know, the ergoPouch products have been lifesavers from newborn all the way through to pre-school age. When your brain is all hazy from parenting life, ergoPouch sleep suits (and their free room thermometer) makes room temperature and pesky TOG ratings something that you don’t have to think about at all. 

Our favourite feature has got to be the fact that your child can grow with the products – the ergoPouch sleep suit starts as a traditional baby sleep sack, which can then be zipped into the legs for toddlers who are up and about. Epic!

ergoPouch Sleep Suit Alternatives

If you’re flat out of luck and the ergoPouch design you are after is sold out, or you just want to see the other alternatives that are out there, here are our favourites:

Love To Dream Sleep Suit

Designed to keep little ones warm, whilst providing freedom of movement – the Love to Dream products are a great alternative to ergoPouch

Baby Brezza 3-in-1 Baby Sleepsuit

Wear as a Sleepsuit, wearable blanket by zipping the legs together or sleep Vest by detaching the arms – another great ergoPouch alternative.

ergoPouch Toddler Sleep Suit Review:
Frequently Asked Questions:

Which is better – Love to Dream or ergoPouch? Many parallels exist between ErgoPouch and Love to Dream, and both sleeping suits feature layers that keep the baby warm and comfortable. Both contain qualities that promote a baby’s healthy development and growth; however, ErgoPouch has a greater tog rating, which means it is warmer.

When should you change sleep bag into sleep suit? We recommend changing the bag into a’suit’ when your child is 12-15 months old and starting to walk; 2-4 years. For this age, we recommend only using the’suit’ arrangement to avoid damage from cot climbing or leaving the bed throughout the night.

How many ergoPouch’s do I need? Two lighter TOG bags and two warmer TOG bags are recommended for day and night sleeping. If one of the TOGs is in the wash, the other can be worn.

How often should I wash my toddler sleeping bags? every 3 days is recommended by the brand experts – but just do what you can, Mama!

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