ergoPouch Organic Cotton Demi/Cot Quilt Review (2023)

ergoPouch Quilt Review: If your toddler or preschooler is about to move from a cot to a big bed, be ready with the ergoPouch First Bedding Collection.

The Convertible Cotton Quilt in Demi size is a unique year-round quilt that is great for toddlers for use in a cot (with sides removed, or cot mattress on the floor) to assist your kid learn how to use blankets before graduating to a big bed. The 3.5 TOG ‘Light’ demi quilt is ideal for room temperatures above 21°C (70°F). The ‘Warm’ demi blanket has a TOG of 7.0, making it suited for temperatures below 20°C (69°F).

While they get used to pulling up the blanket, your toddler can wear their favourite ergoPouch Sleeping Bags, Suit, Onesie, or PJ’s in a lower TOG in conjunction with the demi quilt. For the ideal sleep solution, add the Organic Toddler Pillow to help your child prepare for the big-bed transition. The Convertible Cotton Quilt in Demi size has zips on both sides. When your mini is ready for their big bed, join the quilt to another Demi size to make a conventional single quilt fit for a single bed.It’s as easy as that!

Without further ado, here is our ergoPouch Quilt review:

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ergoPouch Organic Cotton Quilt: Overview

ergoPouch Fabrics

ergoPouch products are Australian designed, and are all made from pure organic cotton (totally natural fibers), to ensure your child’s comfort when sleeping. The soft, fleecy material is certified by the Eczema Association of Australia to be itch-free and allergy safe – your child’s body and skin will be glad you’ve chosen ergoPouch. The easy-care woven cotton fabric is easily cared for with a simple chuck in the washing machine when needed (yep – hot tip – you can chuck this quilt in with a regular wash cycle!).

What do the TOG Ratings Mean?

The Thermal Overall Grade (TOG) is a measurement of how well a blanket or sleeping bag insulates. Simply explained, the level of warmth provided by a baby or toddler sleep bag or quilt is determined by its TOG rating.

The TOG ratings of the ergoPouch quilt helps keep your child at an even temperature overnight, avoiding night wake ups due to being too hot or too cold. What helps to really get the most out of the TOG ratings is to have a room thermometer so that you’ve got them in the right sleep sack or right TOG blanket for the right temperature. We recommend the Tommee Tippee Groegg – it also doubles as a night light, which we love.

ergoPouch Baby & Toddler Safety Standards

When creating an ergoPouch product, safety is the brands top priority, making them an excellent safe-sleep option from newborn to pre-school age. All ergoPouch sleepwear & bedding is subjected to product safety testing for a healthier sleep, as required by Australian legislation (ergoPouch are Aussie designed!), and is intended for safe sleeping in accordance with Australian SIDS recommendations. The recommendation for moving from the ergopouch sleep suit bag to the quilt is around 2 years of age.

ergoPouch Organic Cotton Quilt: Pros

ergopouch quilt review
  • The genius ergoPouch designers have made this quilt perfect for the toddler age bracket – the demi size is perfect for the cot – then simply get 2nd quiult, zip them together and BOOM you’ve got the next size up – a standard single quilt. Genius
  • The quilt is a great all season solution, being available in different tog ratings. Like ergoPouch suggested, we zipped together a second demi quilt of a warmer tog to the cooler tog and made a brilliant all-season toddler blanket. The child can then put the appropriate tog half where they prefer – we like the warmer section up the top half around the shoulders and back.
  • While your toddler transitions from sleep suit or sleep sack to blanket, you can use the lighter tog demi quilt with some extra layers – for kids that like to kick blankets off while they get used to it.
  • Baby’s skin – and toddler’s skin – love the Exczema Association approved material.
  • If your toddler has a little accident at night – the clean up is as simple as zipping off the soiled half and chucking it in the wash!

ergoPouch Organic Cotton Quilt: Cons

  • The quilt and the organic quilt cover are one, you can’t unzip and take off the cover so it all has to be washed together – just means it takes a bit longer to dry than your average quilt cover – but hey – it’s tumble dryer safe!
  • The ergoPouch range isn’t cheap – but hey, you get what you pay for – these are quality products that last and last.

Our Overall Opinion of ergoPouch Organic Cotton Demi/Cot Quilt

From the cocoon swaddle bag > sleep suit > sleep suit with legs > organic toddler quilt – ergoPouch and all of their great things have got your little ones sleep journey covered. We always buy ergoPouch sleep products, and have done since day one – the quality has unbeatable (cousins are now using them third-hand!).

Finally included in their full solution for your little ones sleep is their organic cotton quilt – the product we never knew we were waiting for but now can’t live without. All of us here at My Toddler Life have zero hesitation in recommending any ergoPouch product, and this machine washable organic cotton quilt is no different!

ergoPouch Cotton Quilt Alternatives

If you’re flat out of luck and the ergoPouch design you are after is sold out, or you just want to see the other alternatives that are out there, here are our favourites:

Kindred Kid & Baby Organic Toddler Duvet Set

All Kindred Kid & Baby bedding is made with GOTS-certified organic cotton and printed with non-toxic dyes, making this a great, safe-sleep option for your toddler.

BURT’S BEES BABY – Reversible Blanket

This super cozy reversible quilted blanket is super soft with a fill for extra warmth. Jersey knit fabric makes it even softer. This is another great, well-made alternative to the ergoPouch quilt.

ergoPouch Quilt Review:
Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What type of blanket is best for toddler? Cotton and polyester blankets are the most durable, making them ideal for smaller children.
  2. Should a 2 year old have a blanket? Your child should still sleep in a safe, secure crib if he or she is between the ages of one and two. Blankets are not suggested before a child’s first birthday due to the danger of SIDS. It’s fine to place a light blanket in your child’s cot at this age.
  3. When should I switch my toddler to a blanket? If your child is ready, you can start transitioning from a sleep sack to a blanket after a year. Because your child has the ability to turn over easily from any direction, the risk of SIDs has considerably diminished at this point.
  4. Should my 2 year old sleep with a pillow? The age at which toddlers are allowed to use a cushion safely varies. The American Academy of Pediatrics, on the other hand, advises against allowing a toddler under the age of two to use a cushion. When your child moves from their crib to a bed, they can use pillows and other bedding safely.

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ergopouch quilt review
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