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When Do Toddlers Learn To Jump?(Free Milestones Checklist!)

When do toddlers learn to jump? Is your toddler struggling to jump and you’re worried? Like most parents (myself included), are you comparing your little ones to other toddlers and thinking that they may not be a typically developing child? I’d say don’t stress, but it’s not my place – instead, the team at My […]

2yr old molars: 10 Tips to Quickly Ease Your Toddler’s Pain

**Disclaimer, while I do have a Public Health degree, I am not a qualified dentist or pediatrician. Please consult a medical professional if you are concerned at all.** So, you’ve got an unhappy, teething toddler driving you crazy? 2yr old molars not the fun time you thought they would be (ha!) What do I do, […]

Montessori Curriculum For 2 Year Old (2023): Free Printable!

Table of Contents What is the Montessori Method: A Brief Overview The Montessori Method, created by Maria Montessori, MD, in 1897, is a child-centered approach to education and development that emphasizes hands-on, multi-sensory activities that children can do at their own speed. The Montessori method encourages parents, carers and teachers to create a space full […]

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