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When Do Kids Learn Shapes? + 5 Fun Shape Activities

When do kids learn shapes? From the moment children enter the world, their minds are like sponges, absorbing information and making connections. As they grow, their cognitive abilities develop, and they begin to understand and interact with their environment in increasingly complex and different ways. One crucial aspect of their cognitive development is the recognition […]

19 Tips To Deal With Toddler Bad Behavior At Daycare (2023)

Toddler bad behavior at daycare? Children of different ages show different kinds of behavior, some good, some “bad”. Sometimes young children will behave differently at home than they do at daycare. There could be many reasons behind it. A toddler’s bad behavior at daycare speaks a lot about their current environment and current curcumstances and […]

50 Infant & Toddler Large Motor Activities (For Gross Motor Skills)

You might be wondering what on earth to do with your infant and/or toddler to help them develop appropriate large motor skills. Toddlers and infants both require a lot of stimulation and exposure to new things in order to be occupied (and happy… amiright?!). In this post, you’ll learn how to help your infant and/or […]

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