3 Best Potty Training Seats For Toddler Boys (2023)

best potty seat for boys

Best Potty Seat For Boys: Anyone that’s ever gone hunting for the best potty seat for their boy, knows how awful it can be. Truly, truly awful. There are THOUSANDS of models out there at wildly varying prices, quality and size – you can get lost in an online black hole for hours (or with really sore feet wandering store to store at the mall). 

Stop wasting your time researching which is best for you, give yourself a break and just read our list – we’ve done the hard yards for you.

Without further ado, enjoy! 


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The best potty seat for boys is entirely based off what you, as a family, need. Most potty seats these days are functional, well-designed, safe, and economical – making it even harder to choose the right one for your boy! We’ve done a lot of research (online and speaking with other parents and experts) and used many different types of potty seats, and what follows is our top 3 potty seats for boys

Grip™ is made with material that grips any toilet seat – whether standard or elongated – to ensure that the seat doesn’t move and keeps your child in place.

When they really have to go and make a dash for it, Grip™ has a flexible, soft-touch splash guard to prevent any unwanted accidents that might otherwise occur with a harder surface.

It is equipped with “feet” for hassle-free stand-up storage and looks great in any bathroom.

There’s a new safest and most secure toilet seat on the block, and its name is Grip™

Why Is This Good For My Boy?
Flexible, soft-touch splash guard to prevent accidents ( a great idea for messy boys! ).

Who Should Consider This One?
Ideal for parents on a tight budget

Our reviewers say:
 “Very easy to use!”

+ Grips and ACTUALLY stays in place
+ Convenient, stand-up storage
+ Very easy to install on toilet


x Doesn’t fit some elongated bowls
x A bit slippery when seated
x Best for smaller toddlers


The BabyBjörn model has an adjustment mechanism underneath the seat that allows it to fit perfectly on top of most toilet seats, and the top of the seat is ergonomically intended to assist children with sitting properly on the toilet.

It also has a stylish built-in hook for convenient hanging and a splash guard to keep spills at bay.

Who Should Consider This One?
Parents with a bit more budget who want an easy clean toilet seat with a splash guard to keep those wiggly boy messes at bay

Our reviewers say:
 “Makes potty training easy!”

+ Adjustable to fit all toilet seats
+ Very secure
+ Comfortable


x Splash guard a bit low
x Can break if dropped from afar
x Hole may be a bit small for large boys


A little bit of colour and sweetness can go a long way towards getting little ones excited about difficult tasks, and that’s exactly what these kiddie seats do for toilet training. 

Seats come in a variety of characters and are comfortable, secure, and have extra-high splash protection. 

Who Should Consider This One?
Parents of nervous toilet-trainers. The cute designs (this is available in all sorts of animal designs!) are sure to encourage your boy to jump on the toilet!

Our reviewers say:
“Excellent quality and fun design that my boy loves to sit on!”

+ Fits square toilets
+ Sturdy and solid
+ Non-slip


x Quite small
x Won’t fit minimalist decors
x On the smaller side


potty seat for your boy

best potty seat for boys

Best Potty Training Seat or Best Potty Chairs?

A potty chair stands alone on the floor, whereas a potty seat sits on top of a toilet. The decision between the two is based on your toddler’s and your personal preferences. The list above is for potty seats, but if you need assistance with potty chairs, check out our post on the best potty for toilet training

Ease Of Cleaning

For good reason, many parents are concerned about how to clean the seats and general cleanliness. When choosing a potty seat, keep in mind that they are not gendered; there isn’t one that is best for boys or girls. Some chairs, however, feature a taller or larger front portion, known as a splash guard. This is to prevent boys from spraying outside the seat by accident. Seats with a larger splash guard need to be cleaned a little more frequently.

Overall, they are simple to clean and only require a quick wipe down with soapy water. Seats that come with a ladder or handles, obviously, require extra attention.



Another thing to think about is the price. The majority of the seats we tested are around the same price, but one of our picks, the BabyBjörn, is a bit more expensive. A higher-end toilet seat may be more suited for long-term use by a family, if you’re planning on having more than one child this could be the go!


The majority of toilets and potty training chairs these days are oval in shape. However, the seats will often fit round-style toilets as well. Simply place it on the seat and adjust if necessary. (Before you buy, double-check the product descriptions.)



  1. Jool Baby Potty Training Seat with Handles

With built in splash guard and handles this Jool Baby potty seat is another one of our favorites. Find it here at Walmart

2. Upgrade Portable Potty Seat with Splash Guard for Toddler

With a clever, fold-down design, this potty trainer for boyscan be found here at Amazon

3. Toddler Safe-Potty Seat by EcoEarth

With a handy non-slip silicone base, this toddler potty seat can be found here at Walmart.


Best Potty Seat For Boys: FAQs

1. What is the average age for a boy to be potty trained? 

Between the ages of 18 and 24 months, many kids start to exhibit signals that they are ready for potty training. Others, on the other hand, may not be prepared until they are 3 years old. No need to rush. It could take longer to train your child if you begin too soon.

2. At what age is it too late to be potty trained?

If your child is above 3 and you’ve been trying for longer than 3 months, potty training is considered late. The most frequent reasons for delaying potty training include stubborn resistance, resistance to reminders, toilet phobia, or a medical issue.

3. Do pull-ups delay potty training? 

Pull-ups are a component of potty training, which, depending on the child, often starts around age three. Pull-ups are generally discouraged for daytime potty training, according to several experts. Go right to underpants so your child may experience how it feels to urinate.

BEST potty seat for boys:

best potty seat for boys

Thank you for making it this far with me. I hope that at least one of these tips & images resonates with you & your family when it comes to your hunt for the best potty seat for your boy – there are so many out there, it’s hard to narrow it down to one, but I am here to help. We’ve had a look at what you should look for when purchasing – and I’ve then provided a breakdown of our top 3 best potty seats for boys based off personal experience, friends experience and the advice of experts.

I hope it’s all been helpful – please comment below with any tips I may have forgotten! And if you need any further advice on potty training, see our post on Potty Training Stubborn Boys .






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