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best graco double stroller

Best Graco Double Stroller: Anyone that’s ever gone hunting for the best stroller for their toddler, knows how awful it can be. Truly, truly awful. There are THOUSANDS of models out there at wildly varying prices, quality and size – you can get lost in an online black hole for hours (or with really sore feet wandering store to store at the mall). 

After many, many experiences with different stroller brands, Graco has stood out as a firm favourite – and must have to you too! Stop wasting your time researching which is best for you, give yourself a break and just read our list – we’ve done the hard yards for you.

Without further ado, enjoy! 

Best Graco Double Stroller: Our Top 4
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Why Choose Graco?
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The best Graco double stroller is entirely based off what you, as a family, need. Graco strollers are attractive, functional, well-designed, safe, and economical. We’ve done a lot of research (online and speaking with other parents and experts) and used many different types of Graco double strollers, and what follows is our list of their 4 best models.

The Graco RoomFor2 is ideal for walking and running errands with two children, with front and rear seats that each hold a child up to 50 pounds. The front seat features a multi-position recline, which can be placed in a fully flat position for naptime

Who Should Consider This One?
Ideal for parents on the go with two children, whether walking or a quick dash to the shops

Our reviewers say:
 “Easy fold. Easy to assemble. Overall Great!”

+ Folds down really, really tight – great for smaller cars
+ Very easy to assemble
+ Easy open & close

x Larger child can only stand if car seat clipped in
x Canopy not very large for sun protection
x A bit slow around corners

The Graco® ModesTM Adventure Stroller Wagon is a snug, multipurpose stroller that is prepared for both big and small journeys. One of the smallest folds on the market allows simple storage and transit. Because comfort is important, this kids waggon has two comfortable seats and a footwell where little legs and feet can relax. It is readily convertible from one mode to the other; you can pull it like a waggon or push it like a stroller. You can go wherever the fun is with all-terrain rubber tyres equipped with suspension.

Who Should Consider This One?
Parents with twins or 2x similar aged children 18 months+

Our reviewers say:
 “Daughters are obsessed, and tall husband loves it!”

+ Snack tray is very convenient
+ Smooth ride, kids find it really comfy
+ Easy to assemble and fold


x Slightly awkward to pull when in wagon mode
x Switching between modes a bit fiddly
x It’s a bit heavy


Comfy adventures for two, plus you! The DuoGlider Click Connect Double Stroller has all the essentials a growing family needs. Rotating canopies and footrests make every ride enjoyable for kids. Safety features and customizable amenities give mom peace of mind

Who Should Consider This One?
Parents who prefer tandem strollers over side-by-side models

Our reviewers say:
“Great quality & lightweight too!”

+ Many different seat configurations
+Easy to push
+ Folds down fairly small


x Cup holders are quite shallow
x Car seats only fit on the front of the stroller
x Quite long (but at least it’s skinny!)


Graco’s Ready2grow Click Connect LX Stroller is built to make getting out and about with two little ones in tow extra-easy. It accepts two Graco SnugRide Click Connect Infant Car Seats, so it’s like having two baby strollers in one

Who Should Consider This One?
Parents of twins or children really close in age – it fits 2 car seats

Our reviewers say:
“Just what we needed!”

+ Fits in most car boots when folded down
+ Bench seat or standing option great for older kids
+ Quick & easy to put together


x Quite heavy
x Push bar quite low (bit uncomfortable for tall parents)
x Takes a bit of strength to turn



best graco double stroller


For best comfort, make sure the footrest extends the entire length of the stroller

Storage Space

Choose a double stroller with plenty of storage capacity for all your shopping and baby necessities

Ease Of Cleaning

Make sure the cushion, frame, and seat covers are all easily washable.


Choose a stroller with comfortable reclining seats for your kids. For the comfort of babies in particular, a multi-position seat recline allows varied sitting and resting positions.


While a one-handed fold may be a bit of a pipe-dream for a double stroller, it’s definately not too much to ask for an EASY fold at least! 

Extra Features

For added convenience, look for strollers with cupholders, cell phone holders, removable trays, and other features.

Handlebar Height

Check the height of the handlebar to ensure that you can easily push the stroller. It is 40.5in from the ground on average, however if you are under 5.2ft tall, choose a stroller with a handlebar height of 37in to 39in from the ground. Sounds bizzare, but it seriously makes a world of difference for you! 




best graco double stroller

Easy To Use

You can expect a lightweight and easy-to-use pram/stroller whether you choose a single, double, or even triple (!!!) stroller. Graco understands how important it is to be able to easily transport your child(ren). They also understand that dealing with a large, difficult-to-fold stroller is inconvenient for parents. That’s why they’ve gone above and above to make their strollers as light and conveniently collapsible as possible.


Graco is known in mom-circles for its lightweight frames, in contrast to rival brands’ larger, heavier frames. As a result, some customers are hesitant, assuming the strollers are weak and dangerous. Graco has been around since 1955, and they’ve demonstrated time and time again that a lightweight stroller can outlast a bulkier one. Millions of parents, grandparents, and other caregivers have discovered that these strollers are safe, dependable, and long-lasting enough to be preserved and used for a second kid and beyond.


Another feature that sets Graco apart from the competition is its extreme adaptability. There appears to be a limitless supply of strollers to suit any requirement. The car seats itself may be used with a variety of OTHER manufacturers as well (thanks Graco!), providing parents with a wide range of options.


Without a doubt, this is the most compelling argument to choose Graco. Every one of their strollers is made to fit any budget. I was shocked by some of the price tags when I initially started shopping until I discovered Graco. Even their more expensive, top-of-the-line models were within my price range. And just because the strollers are less expensive doesn’t mean they’re lacking in quality, durability, or safety.


best graco double stroller

Thank you for making it this far with me. I hope that at least one of these tips & images resonates with you & your family when it comes to your hunt for the best Graco double stroller – there are so many out there, it’s hard to narrow it down to one, but we are here to help. We’ve had a look at what you should look for when purchasing – and I’ve then provided a breakdown of our top 4 best Graco double strollers based off personal experience, friends experience and the advice of experts. I hope it’s all been helpful – please comment below with any tips I may have forgotten! And if you need any further advice on strollers, check out our post on Tandem vs Side-by-Side Prams .



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