BabyBjorn Toilet Training Seat: Parent Review (2023)

BabyBjorn Toilet Training Seat

The BabyBjorn Toilet Training Seat is what our parent reviewers are going deep on today. It's the internet's favourite potty training seat, so let's see what the hype is all about...

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Detailed review of the BabyBjorn Toilet Training Seat

The Toilet Trainer by Baby Bjorn is fantastic! I never imagined I’d use the word “wonderful” to describe a toilet accessory, but when your top priority is getting that kid toilet trained, it truly is. The Toilet Trainer is designed to fit perfectly inside the toilet seat and is readily adjustable to match any size toilet seat. There’s a streamlined, practical handle that makes it easier to instal and remove the Toilet Trainer, as well as a means to hang the training seat for storage.

We thought the Baby Bjorn Toilet Seat was really well designed – the curved shape makes it more comfortable for the child to sit on, and the raised splash guard at the front prevents any mess from spilling outside the toilet – we haven’t had any spills or accidents since we started using the potty seat. It’s also quite simple to clean, which is a huge plus — There are no difficult-to-reach areas!


Splash Guard! Since using this seat, we’ve noticed a significant decreases in the amount of pee that’s getting on the toilet seat.The amount of coverage on the front of this seat, and the slight outer rubber edging helps prevent a significant amount from leaking or spraying through. We have also not see any spraying through whatsoever! 

– It will actually fit your toilet! The best part about this seat is the adjustable function on the bottom so you can fit it snug to the shape of your toilet. This way, there is little to no movement! This, we found, really helps toddlers going through potty training regression, as they feel safe & secure on the BabyBjorn toilet seat AND there’s no need to go out and buy any other bathroom products to help keep it secure.

– Super easy to use! Surprisingly, the first time we used it, my kid was able to put the seat on the toilet by herself.

– Stylish – not a bright plastic eyesore like all of those other toddler accessories

– Great for the travel-savvy among us.Not only for at-home toilets, but also when travelling. This excellent fit is essential since it will assure your child’s comfort and encourage independent use (which means you won’t have to hold your child over the toilet, which is a win-win situation for all parties involved…amiright?)

– The seat opening is also nice and small. Perfect for the booty of my little 20-month old.


– If there is a little break in the material, the cushioned seat quickly becomes mouldy and nasty. The most revolting odour I’ve ever encountered!)

-A more long-lasting hanging loop would be good. Rubber should be thicker or of the same material as the seat.

– No grab handles – The seat is narrow enough on my round toilets for my son to set his hands down on the main seat, but handles might make things a bit more comfortable

– It’s quite a bit more expensive than the other brands and models out there – but hey, you get what you pay for. edging, practic

Best Features of the Baby Bjorn Toilet Training Seat

babybjorn toilet training seat

Easy To Use

This seat is a hit with my 2.5-year-old! From the beginning, we used this as a potty training tool and haven’t looked back. It’s simple to use, clean, and store for travels to Grandparents’ houses. It’s very adaptable, and we haven’t had any trouble fitting it into a toilet. Don’t be fooled by the character-themed off-brands; these are well worth the money!

Easy To Clean

It’s simple to clean and disinfect. There’s a wonderful handle for an adult to grip to clean or reposition the seat more easily.

baby bjorn toilet training seat
baby bjorn toilet seat

Sturdy & Durable

Secure placement for your little one’s bum with the adjustable seat attachment feature. No slipping and sliding on this potty training seat with the in-built adjustable dial! 

BabyBjorn Toilet Training Seat: What Comes In The Package

For young toddlers who wish to use ‘the big toilet,’ this is a sturdy and safe seat that meats all of the relevant safety requirements. See below for what you’ll get when your package arrives:


1lb / 0.45kg


11.5inch / 29.2cm


4inch / 10.16cm


15.5inch / 39.37


The BabyBjorn Toilet Trainer Seat is made from polypropylene (PP) and thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). It is BPA (bisphenol A) free to keep our little kiddies safe from harmful substances. 

Before & After: One Family's Journey With The BabyBjorn Toilet Training Seat

I’ve been prepotty training my 18 mos old for a few months now and it was time to give my arms a rest!

Shockingly, my daughter was able to put the seat onto the toilet all on her own the first time we used it! Right then and there I was sold.

But to get down to the details, this seat checked the areas of need, which were:

1. Easy fit on my Western brand toilet (a bit more oblong than circular)
2. Secure placement for my little one’s bum. No slipping and sliding
3. Not and overly colorful eyesore
4. Bonus: has a hanging feature for easy storage

Check, check, check, check! I’m usually all over new products and brands, but this time I’m glad I went with the babybjorn.. not only was it reasonably priced, but it has proven to be a reliable product.

If you are after more assistance on potty training your stubborn girl, then THIS POST is for you.

What About Other Options?

While toddlers are out and about, they can take this small seat with them to provide them the comfort and certainty they need when using a ‘grown up’ toilet.

– Budget Buy
– Fits MOST toilet seats

– Not Adjustable
– Doesn’t have a padded seat

The Dreambaby® Soft Touch Potty Seat’s distinctive contoured design, along with its high moulded back and sides, gives children the confidence they need to succeed with toilet training.

– Very comfortable, ergonomic design
– Easy to clean

– Bit of an awkward fit on most common toilet seats
Splash guard too low to be effective

Secure placement for your little one’s bum with the adjustable seat attachment feature. No slipping and sliding on this potty training seat! This is a good model to encourage kids who are starting potty-training early. Check out our post on potty training 1 year old’s if this is your situation! 

– Toddler-friendly design
– Soft padded for comfort

– Grooves on the bottom that collect urine
– Splash guard too low to be effective

Awards & Accolades

baby bjorn logo

BabyBjörn is a Swedish family-owned business started in 1961 by Björn and his sister-in-law Elsa Jakobson. Today we are located in 50 countries throughout the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

baby bjorn potty trainer
  • Is it going to fit an elongated seat?
    A: Yes, that’s what we have an it fits great
  • Does it slide around on the toilet?
    A: No, it has a dial on the back of it which tightens it to the seat. I’ve travelled with it and it has fit securely on any seat I’ve tried
  • Can the toilet lid be closed when this seat is in place?
    A: No, the lid closes partially only , leaving it stuck 5 inches or so higher
  • Does this toilet seat work for boys?
    A: Yes, this worked great for my training boy- minimized mess – love that it’s adjustable so they feel secure. If you’re starting to toilet train your boy – have a look at our a step-by-step guide to potty training just for boys.

Returns Policy

You have the right to cancel the purchase of items within 7 days of receipt of your order.

You have the right to return individual items or the entire order if you are not satisfied. Keep in mind that the returned item or order must be sent back to BabyBjorn in its original packaging and in saleable condition.

You as the customer are responsible for return postage charges when exercising the right to cancel. Also note that you as the customer is responsible for all return shipping charges.

Visit the BabyBjorn website HERE for more information

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