Learn all about My Toddler Life, our team and how we came to be!

Emily (Editor), Delilah & Freddie

Emily is a Public Health expert & having studied human nutrition & biology is well placed to sort through the maze of information out there about toddler food & nutrition. She is also extremely passionate about making life with a toddler SIMPLE

Bert, Jessica, Lorelai and Noah

Bert & Jessica are #parentinggoals (sorry!) and have been there, done that twice. They are a true team and succeeded in toilet/potty training like no-one else’s business. They bring a wealth of parenting knowledge to My Toddler Life & the world of potties!

Alex, Dave, Ada and Alby

Alex, Dave & their twins bring double the fun to My Toddler Life. Alex is a trained early childhood educator who has seen it ALL in the toddler world. She’s our resident fun maker, and you’ll never catch a bored toddler near her! Catch Alex in our ‘Fun & Games’ section


After hours of fruitless searching for answers to various toddler ‘issues’ – we decided to put it all in one easy-to-access, user friendly place – MyToddlerLife.com!

potty training on the go


Food & Nutrition

This section of the MyToddlerLife.com blog is where I put all my public health & nutrition skills to use. You’ll find nutrition advice, easy recipes & fussy eater toddler tips amongst other things

Toddler Sleep

Here is where it all started – my frantic googling on everything baby & toddler sleep. There is so much information out there, and not all of it reliable, nor written by people with first-hand experience. I thought it would be nice for future-mums to find it all in one easily accessible place. If you’re looking for advice on transitioning your toddler from cot to bed, or from sleep sack to blankets, this is the section for you!

Stroller Guide

Hunting for a stroller or pram is becoming more & more difficult as more models come out onto the market. We’re here to make your choice easier.

Potty Training

Every parent’s favourite journey – toilet training! We’ve got comprehensive guides on how to start, what if it goes wrong, nighttime training and more!

Fun & Games

The play category is all about FUN and activities to keep your toddler occupied (and having a good time of course) so that no one loses it on those boring stay-at-home days. There is a great section on toddler gardening, as well as some hot tips on travelling with toddlers.

So, come on……join in the fun!!

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